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Our purpose is to build a partnership with printing companies to create a trustworthy, reliable source for bindery services.  We provide confident, knowledgeable solutions that make our clients feel that their job is handled with the utmost care and expertise required to meet their expectations.

We are conveniently located in Indiana: providing a central location for receiving and shipping products within a 2-3 day standard shipping window to much of the Eastern and Central United States.  Expedited shipping services are available as needed, as well as local pick-up or delivery.

  • Perfect Binding

  • Stitching

  • Case Binding

  • Wire-O Binding

  • Plastic Spiral Binding

  • Laminating

  • Dust Jackets

  • Drilling

  • Layflat/Otabind

  • Turned Edge Cover Making



Perfect Binding

Perfect Binding is an economical and functional style of binding that gives your product an attractive and professional appearance.  This style is versatile and allows for as little as .03 inches up to 3 inches.
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Case Binding

Case Binding is a durable, high-end binding style that turns your product into a timeless work of art.
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Saddle Stitching

Saddle Stitching is the most common and economical binding for magazines, booklets and periodicals.
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Wire-O Binding

Using Double-Loop Wire-O Binding allows you to mix and match stock and contents, providing flexibility to create a product that is both attractive and usable to meet your needs.
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Plastic Spiral Binding

Plastic Spiral Binding provides a contemporary look that is more crush-resistant than the Wire-O Binding while still providing an attractive and usable product.
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Multi-spindle drilling, whether it’s a single or multi hole, we can adjust for your specific needs from 1 single sheet or a 1,200 page book.
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Lamination provides that finishing touch that many clients are looking for on their final pieces.  Whether it’s the cover of a book or specific pages that need an extra pop, we’ve got you covered.
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Otabind is a layflat soft cover that is designed to remain flat once it has been opened.  This is a free-floating cover that prevents stress on the spine and reduces cracking that occurs during use.
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Dust Jackets

Dust Jackets are typically a 4-color printed wrap with laminate that covers cloth wrapped and foil-stamped cover boards.
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Turned Edge Cover Making

Turned Edge products offer a unique look & feel with long lasting quality.
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Some additional services include:

We offer multiple services to enhance the bindery service we are providing.  Whether it’s cutting provided press sheets, collating signatures or shrink wrapping and boxing the final product, we are happy to discuss and meet your needs.





Shrink Wrapping

Round Cornering

Accuracy is our number one goal. But accurate and fast?
A winning combination.

Our Speed:

Saddle Stitch Speed
Perfect Binding
Wire-O Binding
Coil Binding
Shrink Wrapping

Best of Our Works

Here are a few examples of what we do.  Don’t see what you are looking for?  Contact us and let us figure out a way to get the project done on time and on budget.


How we work

1. Defining the project

There can be lots of confusing or different terms used. We want to make sure we have a clear picture of what we are quoting.

2. Estimate the project

Sometimes there is more than one way to get a result. We can figure out the best way to produce the product at the most economical price.

3. Design & development

Setup equipment and run mockup for quality check.

4. Product run

This is the fun part for us. We love seeing our equipment running at full speed to deliver the most accurate finishing in the midwest.


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